Forthcoming Publications

  • S. Banakas and A. Mullis (eds), Personal Injury Compensation in European Law
  • C. Godt, G. van Overwalle, L. Guibault and D. Beyleveld (eds), Boundaries to Information Property in European Law
  • A. Miranda, O. Roy and C. Dadomo (eds), Duties of Care and Duties of Cash in European Family Law
  • N. Cohen, R. Stevens and G. Dannemann (eds), Restitution in Contractual Context in European Law
  • P. Pichonnaz (ed), Set-Off in European Law; P. Giliker and B. Gsell (eds), Remedies in Contract Law in Europe
  • E. Cooke, L. Martinez and A. Pradi (eds), Transfer of Immoveable Property in European Law. 
  • Jaap Baaij, Laura Macgregor, David Cabrelli (eds), The Interpretation of Commercial Contracts in European Private Law.