Project Description - Immoral Contracts In Europe

Project: Immoral Contracts in Europe
Editors: Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Chantal Mak and Zeeshan Mansoor 

The project ‘Immoral Contracts in Europe’ analyses how 12 types of contracts that have raised questions of compatibility with good morals in some countries would be approached in the EU member states. The questionnaire developed for this project focuses on the following 12 case patterns: (1) prostitution contracts, (2) contracts promoting prostitution, (3) contracts promoting telephone sex, (4) contracts promoting ‘dwarf throwing’, (5) surrogate motherhood contracts, (6) marriage brokerage contracts, (7) pre-nuptial agreements, (8) contracts restraining marriage, (9) contracts restricting personal liberty, (10) conditional contracts of succession, (11) usurious contracts and (12) unfair suretyships. In the Common Core tradition, the country reporters have been asked to provide the applicable operative rules, elaborate on the descriptive formants and discuss the meta-legal formants for each case pattern.